Jonathan Stuckey

Dramatic Bass

No Aida, But...

So, I cancelled on Aïda. Things weren’t working out vocally, and I didn’t think I would be ready by the first rehearsal. So I backed out. Literally the next day, I got an email from a local company asking if I could jump in to sing the Official Registrar for Madama Butterfly and some chorus. The role is one line, so why not? Then a few days later, I get a FaceBook message asking if I can sing Sparafucile in Act 3 of Rigoletto; they hired an old friend of mine to both that role and King Mark in Act 2 of Tristan und Isolde. He told them that doing both was too much, but he knew a guy that could take the Sparafucile. Yeah, that guy was me.

There are two lessons here. One when opportunity knocks, you’d better be ready to answer the door. Two, people have long memories. Make sure the ones they have of you are good ones.