Jonathan Stuckey

Dramatic Bass

Back from Chicago

My wife and I returned home very early this morning from a trip to Chicago. I auditoned for the Chorus of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. This marks the 3rd time that I have sung for this organization. The first time, the chorus master was an interim hire, and he actually contacted me to tell me that I was on his short list for the alternate roster. But after that, crickets.

The next time I auditioned, a new, official chorus master was in place. I did not have a good audition. I wasn’t happy with what I did, and apparently, neither were they. Again, crickets.

This time, in the warm-up room, my main go-to piece was feeling a bit iffy, so I decided to go with the tried and true, blue-steel, always reliable O, Isis und Osiris. Hard to screw that one up, even hung over, 15 minutes after you woke up. And, honestly, I thought it went pretty well. Perhaps a little woofiness on the top, and maybe I took a few catch breaths where I shouldn’t have needed one, but darn it, that was a good rendition, in my opinion.

Now, I have to do this annoying thing where I wait for the hammer to fall. Do I have a job next year, or not? Only time will tell.