Jonathan Stuckey

Dramatic Bass

Back From NYC

I did something I may be doing more of. I drove to Manhattan for an audition. In the future, I hope to put more planning into things, and have a place to stay overnight so that I’m fresh in the morning. This, on the other hand, was a slap-dash, quick and dirty run in and run out. I left around 8 pm, arrived around 6 am, had nothing to do except wander around for several hours, and then I headed to Ripley-Grier studios to sit for an hour before my appointed time.

I sang for Union Avenue Opera. They are mounting productions of Verdi’s Nabucco and Kurt Weill’s Lost in the Stars this summer. My aria from Nabucco did not go as well as I had hoped. Lots of scratchiness. The high notes were in place, but anyone could tell I wasn’t warmed up. The piece from Lost in the Stars — titled “Lost in the Stars,” for some reason — went much better, to my surprise. I really only learned it this week.

I didn’t hang around in New York once I was done. I just hopped in the car and headed for home. Around 4:30, I gave my fellow travelers a break and stopped for a nap at a rest area. Hit the road again around 5:30 and made it home around 8 pm.

The company has another few days of auditions in St. Louis. They won’t be done until February 3rd. They explicitly state that no casting information will be given before that date. So, I suppose I will be posting an update sometime after February 3rd.