Jonathan Stuckey

Dramatic Bass


So, how do things stand in this here new year? Well, I’m back at H&R Block, but this time, not as a manager. I am a Tax Professional. I have moved myself up through 2 certifications to get myself qualified to do corporate, trust, and estate tax returns. I can do everything an enrolled agent can do, except represent people in front of the IRS. I’m not sure I want to represent people at audits, anyway.

On the singing front, rehearsals for Porgy and Bess are approaching. I pledge to be ready by our first rehearsal on February 22. I’ve got time, right? RIGHT‽?!?

I am struggling to get ready for an audition on January 26. I don’t know how ready I will be.

I also have a TV interview for H&R Block on January 23. I have a conference call with our media liaison to do some prep work tomorrow, January 18. Wish me luck on that one.

Long story short, I’ve got some things going on. I hope I am ready for everything coming my way. As always, time will tell.