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My New Gig at Prudential

Remember in a previous post I said I was training at Prudential? Well, I’ve entered a new phase in the training.

You see, there are 3 phases in becoming a Financial Professional Associate at Prudential. First is the Pre-Contract phase. This is where you’re really just studying your heinie off and learning some basics about the industry and how Prudential works. You study for and attempt to pass several licensing exams, and also apply to be appointed by Prudential. You are not an employee yet — you are attempting to become one.

The second phase, after getting your Life Insurance, Accident and Health Insurance, and Securities licenses, passing several background checks, and being out hundreds of dollars in prep courses and exam fees, you enter the Contract Phase. This is where I will be as of September 4th. In this phase, you are an hourly employee, able to solicit business.

The final phase is the actual commission sales rep phase. There are certain requirements I have to meet to get there, but the plan is to do it in no more than about 6 weeks or so.

One nice thing is that once I get to phase 3, I’ll get reimbursed for all of those fees I had to cough up, so there’s that.