Jonathan Stuckey

Dramatic Bass

I'm Moving!

I am soon to leave the storied streets of Lakewood, Ohio. It’s a long story, but my wife and I are done with our current building and landlord. The rent was somewhere in the neighborhood of reasonable when we moved here, back in 2011. But with no increase in amenities, the rent has gone up every year, to the point where it is no longer anywhere near “fair market value.”

We will be putting most of our stuff in storage and freeloading off of family for a while until our new place is ready. Suffice to say, what with us both also working day jobs, our lives will be in flux for some time. But I’m still set to reprise my role as Balthazar in Resonance Works | Pittsburgh’s Amahl and the Night Visitors, and I just agreed to sing a very small role in Great Lakes Light Opera’s The Gift of the Magi by David Conte. So all is well!